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The Dealigence tool suite is designed to alleviate some of the toughest challenges around startup deal-making. Understanding who invests with whom? Who might be a round leader? Sorting your investor's hitlist to match your startup. Backed by data, powered by artificial intelligence algorithms.
Is it free?
  • The VC Explorer is free for humans (you have to sign in with LinkedIn). In case you are wondering, we only get your e-mail, name and profile photo. Not even your LinkedIn URL.
  • The Fundraising Hitlist is a premium product. You pay once for each report you generate. We tried to keep the price as affordable as we could without making you "the product".
What is Fundraising Hitlist?
Our proprietary AI algorithm for matching the most relevant investors to a startup wrapped in a beautiful and easily digestible report. We statistically rank every VC in our database and examine 20+ data parameters to find the most relevant investors for a startup. You get: The 40 most relevant investors, highlights about why, a list of no-go investors and a detailed brief about each one of them.
What can I do with the Explorer?
  1. See (literally!) VC deal connectivity over funding stages, industries, business models, and tags.
  2. Read a concise brief about a prospect VC reviewing their latest investments, most common co-investors.
  3. Explore lead/follow funds and gain understanding of their investments collaborators.
  4. Portfolio analysis of an investor. What industries and markets they invest in most.
Who is this for?
Fundraising Hitlist
  • Founders looking to get a curated and sorted list of investors matching their company and upcoming round. We query every existing investor in our DB and statistically sort the list for you looking at 30+ parameters including: past investments, portfolio successes, round compatibility, lead / follow potential and more.
  • Investors who come across a 'hot' startup and want to quickly get a statistically sorted list of the most likely investors to be either friends or foes for this deal.
  • Advisors / Service Providers who wish to be a value add to a startup they work with. By understanding which investors would be a good fit for this particular startup you can effectively broker trust and introductions to assist.

The VC Explorer
  • Founders – Researching VCs for their upcoming round. Whether its for a meeting prep or to gather intelligence on who can lead your round / follow.
  • Investors – Looking to better understand deal making patterns in certain industries / funding stages.
  • Curious People – Who would like to better understand specific industries and VC deal-making in them.
Can I request a feature?
Sure! Ping us at [email protected] to request. We love being helpful and learn about new ideas.
What's next for Dealigence?
We're building an investor's dream risk-reducing merged with a time-machine product. Enabling investment teams and professionals to make faster, AI informed decisions. By mapping their portfolio competitors, assessing venture potential on alternative data points and building investment syndicates in a flash we are able to expedite the process and reduce risk. Contact us if you wish to be part of the closed alpha at [email protected].

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